Antichi Angeli

Glass Furnace & Factory


is a contemporary glass brand curated by Gala Fernández and handcrafted by Carlo & Emanuele Colizza at their glass furnace and factory Antichi Angeli, bonding traditional craftsmanship with contemporary art and design.

We collaborate with artists and designers to enhance our content and quality, creating unique pieces, limited series, installations and bespoke projects of any scale.

Murano is a place where the art work of glass is made by the wisdom of hundreds of years and where Venetian glass masters pass from generation to generation the knowledge of their techniques of artistic glass that made them famous worldwide.

Family traditions have always been considered the most important thing here in Murano, that’s why we have been doing this job since early generations.

Traditionally Antichi Angeli has been specialized in artistic works as blown glass chandeliers, lanterns, colored glass vases, glasses and goblets, mirrors. Our furnace is characterized by a venetian handmade production and has worked with artists, designers, collectors, developers, hotel  and museums designers.


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