Verga Florida

Verga Florida / Gala Fernández

An excerpt of the Interview by Maria Cristina Didero for Solar Magazine


Describe your approach to design, and to the world of creativity in general

In my opinion there are no boundaries but context, talking about art and design.

Everything is design or art depending on the context if we are speaking about human creations, manufactures or whatever output of every nature that comes out the activity of a conscious human being… Then we may speak about quality, excellence, pertinence, relevance, work ethics, success… but EVERYTHING IS DESIGN or art…! 

As for my approach is completely capricious, whimsical, wayward, temperamental,… I sometimes say I’m deeply superficial, shallow.

How much a work of art could influence our senses?

Completely, in case that rare epiphany happens! Art can create, re-create or evoke worlds. Art stimulates our senses; one, more than one or all of them.

It is a question of intensity, focus, and again quality. Art may be the highest way of human communication.

When and how a work of art is effective? and what kind of reaction should create in those who look at it?

There are many possible answers to this question but for me art is effective when it produces a voluntary or involuntary impact on the viewer or the audience, the kind of reaction may be the product of the opening of a door of percepcion wether this perception may be intelectual or sensual. A portal to another world (a world within this world). Each artist should be able to create, re-create, evoke or interpretate the world from their perception and try to share this experience through their work.

Do you think that works of art can talk about sex and sensuality even without being explicit in shape and forms?

Of course. Certain images are linked inexplicably and subconsciously to our sensuality an sexuality depending on our memories and past experiences or simply to our human archetypes… A work of art can evoke feelings and emotions with an incredible accuracy. Recreate a certain athmosphere or bring us into a certain mood… 

I can think of music, sculptures, objects, paintings, interiors, smells, perfumes…

Can you tell me the story of this vase? when did you conceive it and what was the purpose/meaning

This vase “Verga Florida” / “Flowery cock” has a long story… 

As many other of my works it is an objet trouvé

I made my first trip to Venice with my brother Marco during the late 80’s and I was so impressed by the glass furnaces in Murano. I was an innocent, simple hearted teenager with a clear inclination on arts and a vivid curiosity. You couldn’t say the glassblowers at work weren’t delicate just by their semblance. These strong men were able to create unexpected beautiful pieces in front of us… It was magic! My brother and I went furtively to their storage and snooping around we saw some hidden dusty works with sexual shapes. We looked each other and our smile was huge! 

More than 30 years later, since 2015, I’m working close with a fantastic Murano furnace: Antichi Angely managed by the glass masters Carlo & Emanuele Colizza. The first time I came in they weren’t as open with me as they are now but I remember I saw two dismissed glass penises vases and I automaticaly remembered my first trip to Venice. I bought them and brought one of them (the bigger and more realistic one) to my brother as a present and I kept the girlie pink one for me. I took away the glans shaped stopper and filled it with watter to put in a jasmine bouquet… An evocative piece. “When sex was beautiful, fragrant and innocent”.